The American Way of Irregular War: An Analytical Memoir

There is no other “report” that identifies the essence of the problems we face and offers big ideas for solutions. (I put “report” in quotes because it is unlike any report and as noted it is an analytic memoir). Everyone who writes about these issues (most researchers. admire the problem — none have lived it). This report uses real world experience to tell the story (which is a key element here because the “case studies” tell the story and that is the best way to influence people — to see what is real and tangible rather than theoretical or some dry historical recounting). Furthermore those with some experience who write about these issues do not come close to the level of expertise in multiple theaters. There is no senior leader who has put this much intellectual sweat into analyzing the problems and recommending sound and concrete solutions. There is so much meat in this report to drive thinking and debate. Some may not like the recounting of some stories, some may not like the recommendations but all who read this will benefit. The perspective from the depth experience combined with the intellectual rigor ensures this report will make a significant contribution to the future study of the American Way of Irregular Warfare.

Source: Charles T. Cleveland and Daniel Egel, The American Way of Irregular War: An Analytical Memoir. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2020.  

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