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Published 12 December 2020

·  Fears of Violence Grow Amid Threats to Election Officials, Lawmakers

·  Website Targeting U.S. Election Officials Draws Attention of Intelligence Agencies

·  EU Member States, MEPs Agree to Take Terror Content Down

·  Pentagon Planning to Withdraw Support for Most CIA Counter-Terror Missions

·  U.K.: Terror Arrests Fall to Lowest Level in Almost a Decade During Coronavirus Pandemic

·  Why Did Congress Strip the Chinese Drone Ban from the NDAA?

·  Spiking Ransomware Attacks against Schools Make Pandemic Education Even Harder

·  U.K. on High Alert for Anti-Vaccine Disinformation from Hostile States

·  QAnon: Outlandish Conspiracy Theory or Dangerous Global Cult?

·  Biden’s Immigration Problem: How to End “Remain in Mexico”

Fears of Violence Grow Amid Threats to Election Officials, Lawmakers (Celine Castronuovo, The Hill)
Intimidation and threats to election officials and lawmakers are feeding fears about violence amid calls by President Trump’s supporters to stop the certification of election results.
Reports about threats began circulating within weeks of the election, with Arizona officials announcing on Nov. 17 that they were looking into an apparent death threat against Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D).
In Georgia, state lawmakers have come under threat.
Trump has promoted a false narrative about Dominion vote counting software deleting or switching Trump votes.
While this claim, among others, has been disputed by election officials and courts, Trump continues to advance allegations of stolen ballots and a rigged election on social media. Twitter has added labels to the posts marking them as misinformation, further infuriating Trump.
While the president’s legal efforts to overturn the results have been dramatically unsuccessful and his allies have not been able to provide evidence of the widespread fraud he claims cost him the election, millions of his supporters believe them.

Website Targeting U.S. Election Officials Draws Attention of Intelligence Agencies (Andy Sullivan, Brad Heath, Mark Hosenball, Reuters)
The harassment campaign against U.S. election officials following President Donald Trump’s defeat took an ominous turn on Thursday after a website surfaced that accused them of “treason” and included photographs and home addresses, drawing the attention of U.S. intelligence agencies.
The site, along with several associated social media accounts, included photographs of Republican and Democratic officials, with rifle crosshairs superimposed on them.
The FBI said on Thursday that it was aware of the issue. U.S. intelligence agencies are also looking into the website and its origins, a source said on Thursday.

EU Member States, MEPs Agree to Take Terror Content Down(AP)
European Union member states and lawmakers reached a provisional deal Thursday to take down terror content online within an hour of its being posted.
The provisional agreement was announced as EU leaders gathered in Brussels for a two-day summit where they are set to discuss cross-border police coordination, following a series of recent extremist attacks in France and Austria.

Pentagon Planning to Withdraw Support for Most CIA Counter-Terror Missions(By Jim Sciutto, Ryan Browne and Zachary Cohen, CNN)
The US Department of Defense is planning to withdraw most support for CIA counter-terror missions by the beginning of next year, in a move expected to have a broad effect on the scope of

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