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National Security News Content:

1. Opinion | We Cannot Stand By and Watch Afghanistan Collapse
2. The US Needs a Department of Cybersecurity
3. Geomatics is vital to US national security; our advantage is at risk
4. Trio of exercises had soldiers and airmen island-hopping in the Pacific this summer
5. Information Operations are Critical to Defending Western Civilization
6. Navy’s Top Admiral Said SEALs Had ‘Character and Ethics’ Issues
7. Sixty Special Forces soldiers involved in 1993 battle to have awards upgraded
8. How Democracies Can Win an Information Contest Without Undercutting Their Values
9. Japan’s Challenge in the Age of China-US Rivalry
10. The U.S. and China Must Rule Out an All-Out Cyberwar
11. Iranians Fear Turning Into Another ‘North Korea’ If Draconian Internet Censorship Bill Passes
12. Opinion | The battle for cyber dominance
13. Shoot It Straight on Taiwan
14. Lloyd Austin’s Philippine Progress
15. Duterte says US vaccine donations led him to keep VFA
16. Jihadists flood pro-Trump social network with propaganda
17. A Young American Girl Whose Mother Joined ISIS And Died Has Been Rescued, A Former US Diplomat Said
18. What Does Iraq Want from America?
19. Delta puts China on brink of a new Covid crisis
20. FDD | Universities Maintain Ties to Malign Chinese Entities Following Confucius Institute Closures
21. Hmong Americans are often obscured by model minority myth. Why Suni Lee’s win means so much.
22. Five Foreign-Policy Movies Worth Watching About Human Rights

Korean News Content:

1. Ruling party reaffirms S. Korea-U.S. military exercises should go ahead
2. Ruling party split over North’s objection to joint drill
3. ‘Moon should not cave to NK’s bullying’
4. Kim Yo-jong causes internal conflicts in South over joint military drill with US
5. North Korea wants US to allow fuel, metal trade to restart talks – South Korea lawmakers
6. Kim Jong Un’s Head Bandage Is Added to List of Health Mysteries
7. General executed for criticizing Kim’s grain order: report
8. Kim Yo Jong dismisses prospect of inter-Korean summit
9. Review: Thrilling ‘Escape from Mogadishu’ one of the best action films of the summer (north-South Korea)
10. Kim Yo-jong’s Latest Remarks Not Published by N. Korean Domestic Outlets
11. Chinese boat detained by authorities after suspected North Korea activity
12. Korean Peninsula: Why is Pyongyang reaching out to Seoul?
13. Seoul: North Korea releases army rice reserves amid shortage
14. Restoration of inter-Korean liaison hotlines requested by Kim Jong-un: NIS
15. Blinken to urge ASEAN members to fully implement U.N. sanctions on N. Korea: State Dept.
16. Why Another ROK – North Korea Summit Won’t Change Anything
17. Moon vows to focus on response to virus, industrial revolution, climate change
18. North Korean State Media Released Video of an ICBM Launch—But Is It Real?
19. Kim Jong Un needs a wardrobe upgrade thanks to apparent weight loss

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