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National Security News Contents:

1. Enabling the Fifth Column and the Relevancy of Unconventional Warfare
2. America’s New Great-Power Strategy | by Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
3. Biden needs to get China to cooperate with the pandemic’s origins investigation
4. The Irony of Misinformation and USIA
5. How Terrorists Could Proceed with the Next Physical Attack on Energy Infrastructure
6. The Delta Variant Could End the Chinese Communist Party
7. Austin misses an opportunity in Singapore but scores big in Philippines
8. Opinion | New congressional report says covid-19 likely emerged in Wuhan months earlier than originally thought
9. The Trouble With Washington’s ‘Rules-Based Order’ Gambit
10. A New Bill Seeks to Patch the Flaws in the Arms Export Control Act
11. Continuity and Change in China’s Strategy to Protect Overseas Interests
12. Repression by Any Other Name: Xinjiang and the Genocide Debate
13. A Marine’s new book is a ‘deeply lyrical account’ of infantry life in the Post 9/11 age
14. Rising cry for civil war in Myanmar
15. Taliban Commander Who Led Attack on Afghan City Was Released From Prison Last Year, Officials Say
16. Germany wades warily into South China Sea fray
17. Taliban tells China what it wants to hear on ETIM
18. China can destabilize Taiwan without firing a shot
19. Biden puts Southeast Asia in U.S. sights — at last

Korean News Contents:

1.  A Policy of Public Diplomacy with North Korea: A Principled and Pragmatic Approach to Promote Human Rights and Pursue Denuclearization
2. U.S. will not accept nuclear N. Korea despite N. Korean ambitions: U.S. official
3.  Any decision on U.S.-S. Korea joint military drill will be result of coordination: Pentagon
4.  Spy agency chief proposes postponement of ROK-U.S. military drills
5. INDISPENSABLE: U.S. Special Envoy for Human Rights in North Korea
6. Police detain three for carrying out orders from North
7. Buyers Reject North Korean Banknotes Featuring Kim Il Sung Sold as Souvenirs in China
8. Top U.S. intel analyst sees North Korea clinging to its nukes
9. Moon orders ‘prudent consultations’ with U.S. on planned defense drills
10. North Korea’s Storm Corps ordered to “prepare for guerilla warfare”
11. Moon to Get More Bodyguards Than His Predecessors
12. North Korea’s Ministry of Social Security receives training from China’s Ministry of Public Security
13. DP chief says reopening Kaesong complex will help build trust among 2 Koreas, U.S.
14. N.K. officials attend Russian Embassy’s exhibition, resume in-person diplomacy
15. How about a McDonald’s in Kaesong?
16. Joint drill with U.S. becomes object of tug of war
17. South Korea the Only Middle Power Of Its Kind
18. North Korea criticizes British fleet of warships ahead of port call in South
19. Kim Jong-un’s fear about hallyu

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