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National Security News Content:

1. Frustrated with CIA, Trump administration turned to Pentagon for shadow war with Iran
2. US has positioned special ops near Ethiopia for potential US embassy assistance
3. How China Is Trying to Turn the U.S. against Itself
4. Opinion | It’s time to drain the foreign influence swamp — for real
5. Think Tanks and American Interventionism
6. Maj. Ian Fishback, Who Exposed Abuse of Detainees, Dies at 42
7. The Lessons Ian Fishback Taught Us
8. Americans Want to Defend Taiwan. The Pentagon’s Budget Should, Too
9. Palantir CEO says companies working with U.S. adversaries should justify their position
10. A New Chinese National Security Bureaucracy Emerges
11. Xi’s Confidence Game: Beijing’s Actions Show Determination, not Insecurity
12. Who’s afraid of China’s nukes?
13. Peng Shuai: Human Rights Watch accuses IOC of sportswashing in case of Chinese tennis star
14. Why China Can’t Bury Peng Shuai and Its #MeToo Scandal
15. Key Pentagon Posts Remain Vacant Amid Supply-Chain Crisis
16. No Afghan family members of U.S. troops have been eligible to come to the U.S. Here’s why
17. In fight against Islamic State, the Taliban holds major advantage
18. Taiwan revamps military training for reserves amid China pressure
19. Biden administration invites Taiwan to its Summit for Democracy
20. Myanmar Troops Arrest 18 Medics for Treating ‘Terrorists’ in Church
21. Countering Aggression in the Gray Zone
22. Defeat Mechanisms in Modern Warfare
23. What Went Wrong in Afghanistan?
24. Russia, China Sign Roadmap for Closer Military Cooperation
25. Got the wrong goat: West Point cadets try to nab Navy mascot
26. FDD | How America Lost Its Leverage on Iran
27. America Repeated Vietnam’s Mistakes in Afghanistan
28. Afghan refugees are being recruited to join an Iranian paramilitary

Korean News Content:

1. No State Funeral for Chun Doo-hwan
2. Undoing Moon’s policies, or going beyond them?
3. Observing changes in North Korea’s slogans from across the border
4. Moon’s Inter-Korea Peace Process Deadlocked in China-US Tensions
5. Former Chinese ambassador says Beijing supports efforts for end-of-war declaration
6. North Korean sentenced to death after students caught watching Squid Game
7. US drive for security group expansion poses policy dilemma for Korea
8. Chinese envoy butters up Korea, Japan ahead of Beijing Olympics
9. Samsung Electronics picks Taylor, Texas, for big chip investment
10. Korea faces growing pressure to join stand against China
11. Australia and South Korea losing the middle ground
12. At least 210 coronavirus cases are linked to a South Korean religious settlement.
13. S. Korean Conservatives Vow to Get Tougher on China
14. The Life of Diplomats in North Korea
15. U.S. and South Korea finalizing end of war declaration text

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