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National Security News Content:


2. Ukrainian partisans ‘fought like special forces’ against Putin’s army

3. Mozart Group: the western ex-military personnel training Ukrainian recruits

4. Obituary: Gary Schroen, the CIA spy sent to get Osama Bin Laden

5. Chinese Stages Show of Force Near Taiwan for a Third Day

6. Ex-diplomat says there are ‘more intelligent ways’ for the U.S. to support Taiwan than to visit

7. China’s military exercises are an intel bonanza — for all sides

8. Canadian military’s special operations members helping train Ukrainians: sources

9. What Pelosi’s Trip to Taiwan Tells Us about U.S.-China Relations

10. US-Israel-Palestine security role facing downgrade; can a colonel do a general’s job?

11.  Military Briefing: Himars fuels Ukraine hopes of ‘limited’ counter-offensive

12. The Coming War Over Taiwan

13. Taiwan, Thucydides, and U.S.-China War

14. In the ‘gray zone’ outside Kherson, Ukraine’s soldiers pay a terrible price

15. Dr. Dave Johnson on “Is the Virtue in the Weapon or the Cause?”

16. The Inside Story of Carlos Ghosn’s Brazen Escape From Japan

17. Top Taiwan missile official found dead in hotel room after heart attack

18. McMaster: Taiwan Could Prove Difficult for China to Invade

19. Putin is banking on a failure of political will in the west before Russia runs out of firepower

20. The Marine Corps’ new plan will not beat China in a fight for Taiwan

21.  Dan Rice, Special Advisor to CinC Valeriy Zaluzhnyi​: ​The beta test is over. Time for NATO to send in more arms to evict the Russians

22. America Can’t Allow China to End Taiwan’s Democracy and Dominate Asia

Korean News Content:

1. FM calls for inter-Korean dialogue during brief encounter with North’s envoy at ASEAN meetings

2. N. Korea, supply chain issue to be discussed in S. Korea-China high-level talks next week

3. N. Korea slams Pelosi’s Panmunjom visit

4. S. Korean, Australian defense chiefs visit construction site for K9 howitzer factory

5. North Korea Offers Russia 100,000 ‘Volunteers’ for War on Ukraine, Russian State TV Says

6. Ukraine war LIVE – Putin should ACCEPT North Korea’s assistance in conflict, claims pundit

7. Hackers From North Korea Seen As Culprits In DeBridge Finance Cyberattack

8. North Korea calls Pelosi ‘destroyer of international peace’

9. South Korea’s THAAD Missile Shield Reconsidered After North Korean Threats

10. My journey from North Korea to Columbia University

11. North Korea preparing for atomic tests, dodges sanctions in drive for weapons

12. North Korea Reports No New COVID Cases and an ‘Impossible’ Fatality Rate

13. Why We Know Even Less Than Usual About North Korea’s Food Situation

14. North Korean COVID-19/Fever Data Tracker

15. Freedom is not Free. If you don’t fight for it, you will lose it eventually.

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