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2. DOD’s Diplomats Don’t Need More Rank, Just Less Disdain

3. Ukraine and Proxy War: Improving Ontological Shortcomings in Military Thinking

4. Night of explosions rocks Russian-held areas far from front

5. The Bloody Uprising Against the Taliban Led by One of Their Own

6. The republic of fatwas | Opinion

7. FDD | Another Iran Deal? Looking Back and Looking Ahead

8. Russia’s spies misread Ukraine and misled Kremlin as war loomed

9. Opinion | Why China will become ever more dangerous as its baby bust worsens

10. U.S. Army Special Operations to receive nine more MH-47G Chinooks from Boeing

11. The war that changed the world

12. The United Nations Can Hold the Taliban Accountable

13. The China Trap​: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Perilous Logic of Zero-Sum Competition

14. How Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Drove Chinese Public Opinion Toward Reunification by Force

15. What the Taliban Really Fear: A Resistance Movement Is Growing in Afghanistan—and It Needs International Support

16. Marine Corps will not stand down MV-22 fleet despite Air Force move

17. China’s drills to change US military assumptions

18. Russia’s New Naval Doctrine: A ‘Pivot to Asia’?

19. How the new Special Warfare Branch at AFRS is making a difference

20. ‘Those treatments saved my life’: The veterans who turn to psychedelic treatments for PTSD healing

Korean News Content:

1. Joint Press Statement for the 21st Korea-U.S. Integrated Defense Dialogue

2. Yoon’s Strong Start in Foreign Policy

3. Memorial ceremony at JSA honors two American service members slain by N. Korean soldiers; marking 46th anniversary

4. America and South Korea restart their big military drills

5. North Korea tells South Korean president to ‘shut his mouth’ after offer of aid

6. N. Korea rejects S. Korea’s ‘audacious initiative’ in statement by leader’s sister

7. S. Korea, U.S. voice regret over N. Korea in high-level phone talks

8. Presidential office expresses regret over N. Korea’s ‘rude’ remarks on Yoon

9. U.S. agrees with taking ‘incremental steps’ to denuclearize Korean Peninsula: State Dept.

10. China expands its military training locations in South China Sea

11. If N. Korea reins itself in, it will help ease sanctions, says Minister Park Jin

12. North Korea refuses to form ties with Yoon-led South Korea: experts

13. S. Korea seeks to maximize national interest at IPEF negotiations

14. North Korean ‘volunteers’ to fight in Ukraine?

15. US, South Korea to Resume Military Exercises

16. Seoul and Washington must not blink in the face of Pyongyang’s nuclear blackmail

17. Why North Korea Might Reject Yoon Suk-yeol’s Audacious Initiative

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