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National Security News Content:

1. JUST IN: Special Operations Forces at ‘Inflection Point’ as Global Threats Evolve

2.  Special Operators Lack ‘Seat at the Table’ in Post-Counterterror Pentagon, SOF Leaders Say


4. China’s Cyber Capabilities ‘Pose a Serious Threat’ to US, Advisory Panel Warns

5. Seizing the memes of advantage in the Ukraine war and beyond

6. Opinion | In the global meme wars, it’s time to side with the elves against the trolls

7. Why America Loses Wars

8. There is a lot to like in the 2022 National Defense Strategy

9. Rapid Dragon: The Air Force Wants the C-130 to Launch Missiles

10. Managing the PLA’s Military Diplomacy: Key Institutions and Personnel

11. Ukraine war: Rishi Sunak visits President Zelensky in Kyiv

12. Shifting the Role of Leader and Led: Using Year Group Cohorts to Accelerate Marine Corps Force Design

13. Are We on the Road to Another Pearl Harbor?

14. Russian spy defects, calls Putin’s Ukraine war “worst scenario” imaginable

15. High-profile attacks behind Russian lines hint at how Ukrainian special forces may be using their US training

16. Former Russian mercenary: the truth about the Wagner Group

17. Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy Can’t Be Undone

18. OPTAC-X Enters Deal to Provide U.S. Special Operations Medics With Battlefield Telehealth

Korean News Content:

1. North Korea’s Kim boasts new ICBM as US flies bombers

2. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Puts Daughter on View at ICBM Launch

3. Reveal of Kim Jong Un’s daughter sets her up as successor: Ex-DPRK officials

4. North Korea rebuked as allied countries hold emergency meeting over missile launch

5. Congress —Don’t Forget The North Korean People In Their Time Of Need

6. N.K. leader inspects Hwasong-17 ICBM test launch, declares resolute nuclear response to threats

7. Allies conduct joint air drill involving B-1B bomber after N. Korea’s ICBM launch

8. Allies conduct joint air drill involving B-1B bomber after N. Korea’s ICBM launch

9. U.S. has these options to stop a missile coming from North Korea

10. After North Korea’s missile launch, Russia says US & allies ‘testing’ Pyongyang’s patience

11. The F-35 Is the Fighter North Korea Fears Most

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