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National Security News Content:

1. Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III’s Meeting With People’s Republic of China (PRC) Minister of National Defense General Wei Fenghe
2. Ukraine, Irregular-War Changes Are Reshaping Pentagon’s Info-Ops Strategy
3. The Army piece of a growing U.S. footprint in Philippines, Indonesia
4. ‘It’s the reflex’: Veteran helped disarm gunman at gay club
5. Army Veteran Went Into ‘Combat Mode’ to Disarm the Club Q Gunman
6. How Ukraine can win a war of attrition against Russia
8. Here’s the Air Force’s plan to train armed overwatch pilots
9. Opinion | Biden just won a significant diplomatic victory with China
10. Iran Caught Again Trying to Kill Israeli Civilians Abroad
11. The Afghan National Resistance Front Outlines Its Strategy: Implications For US Foreign Policy – Analysis
12. Security Assistance Group – Ukraine (SAG-U) | SOF News
13. “Reunification” with Taiwan through Force Would Be a Pyrrhic Victory for China
14. Ukrainians brace for bleak winter as Russian strikes cripple power capacity
15. Could the Ukraine War Turn Russia Into North Korea?
16. Indonesia quake kills at least 268 people, many of them children at school
17. CIA, Spec Ops roles in Kabul’s collapse belie official versions
18. The U.S. and China Are Now In An Economic War
19. How China Spies
20. Taiwan Party That Wants Stronger Ties With China Has a New Star
21. Taiwan officials have rare run-in with Xi Jinping at Asia talks
22.  A New Theory of American Power
23. Ukraine and the Future of Offensive Maneuver
24. Ukraine confronts tougher fight in push to extend battlefield wins
25. Xi Jinping and the Paradox of Power
26.  Fighting While Female (Ukraine)

Korean News Content:

1. Joint Statement on the November 17 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch
2. Kim Yo Jong likens US to ‘scared dog’ for pushing criticism of ICBM test at UN
3. Why South Korea Could Build a Small Nuclear Weapons Arsenal
4. North Korea’s Kim has revealed he has a daughter. Why now?
5. N. Korean leader’s sister denounces UNSC’s ‘double standards’ over council meeting on recent ICBM launch
6. S. Korea willing to discuss N.K. demands in return for denuclearization: official
7. Defense chiefs of S. Korea, Australia discuss bilateral security cooperation
8. US, Canada say they will modernize missile responses as N. Korea launches ICBM
9. 97% of economic experts say the Korean economy is in crisis
10. Seoul, Washington discuss anti-submarine drills for next year
11. N. Korea recruits more workers to send to eastern Ukraine
12. N. Korea’s government is still earning foreign currency through overseas workforce
13. [ANALYSIS] China unlikely to deter North Korea’s nuclear ambitions
14. US to launch new Space Force command in Indo-Pacific amid NK provocations
15. Presidential office takes credit for ‘partial lifting’ of China’s hallyu ban

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