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National Security News Content:

1. Time To ‘Stop’ Zelensky! Indian Army General Decodes NATO’s Strategy & Draws Conclusion To Russia-Ukraine War
2. The Freedom Academy
3. It’s been said… (PSYOP/Public Diplomacy/Influence Quote Test)
4. Our military insiders’ views of the new National Defense Strategy (Atlantic Council)
5. China Reportedly Paid Taiwan Officer to Surrender If War Started
6. Russia’s New Cyberwarfare in Ukraine Is Fast, Dirty, and Relentless
7. Confronting Iran Protests, Regime Uses Brute Force but Secretly Appeals to Moderates
8. After Pushing Conspiracies, Tulsi Gabbard Lectures Special Ops Students on Avoiding Disinformation
9. Rubio, Roy release ‘Woke Military’ investigative report
11. Tech war: US, Taiwan, Japan gallop ahead in advanced semiconductors while China remains stuck at mature-node chips
12. Red line over Taiwan question reiterated in talks between Chinese, US defense chiefs
13.  Fake Facebook and Instagram accounts promoting US interests had ties to US military, Meta says
14.  America Ignores The Pacific Islands At Its Peril
15. Jihadis issue vague threats against World Cup
16. Iran Aids Russia’s Imperialist War Against Ukraine
17. No Room for Half-Measures in Aviation Cybersecurity
18. Canada Intensifies Sanctions on Iran, But Further Action Needed
19. Officer sets out to rid the Army of label deterrents in upcoming book
20. What’s the Harm in Talking to Russia? A Lot, Actually.
21.  The Greatest Risk in Mobile Nuclear Power? Failing to Take Advantage of the Decisive Edge it Offers the US Military
22. Why Defense Budgets Will Stay High After the Ukraine War
23. Poland Is Building a Military Machine to Fight Russia (If It Has To)
24. Formidable But Not Invincible – Why the United States Should Not Overreact to China and Russia

Korean News Content:

 1. The Hard Road Out of North Korea
2. N. Korea operates 414 official markets amid economic challenges: experts
3. Stop siding with North Korea
4. Yoon asks Tesla chief to build ‘gigafactory’ in South Korea
5. Why Joe Biden Won’t Embrace Arms Control with North Korea
6. ‘Upped the ante’: North Korean ICBM launch prompts fears of escalation
7. Analysis: In male-dominated North Korea, leadership prospects of Kim Jong Un’s daughter are uncertain
8. China not putting necessary pressure on N. Korea to stop provocations: NSC coordinator
9. Korea to reduce dependence on China for exports, eyes Middle East, America and EU
10. Japan and South Korea Are Still Haunted by the Past
11. 1905 treaty and historical task
12. Marine Corps commemorates 2 soldiers killed in 2010 N.K. artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island
13. China says it has ‘open attitude’ to developing cultural exchanges with S. Korea

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