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ENCRYPTIONRandomly Moving Electrons Can Improve Cybersecurity Published 7 June 2022 Researchers have developed a record-breaking true random number generator (TRNG), which can improve data encryption and provide improved security for sensitive digital data such as credit card details, passwords and other personal information. In October 2017, tech giant Yahoo! disclosed a data breach that had leaked sensitive information

WATER SECURITYThe Risk of Drinking Contaminated Water During Flooding Published 7 June 2022 In addition to causing property damage and psychological impacts, flooding can pose a significant health risk, particularly due to contamination of drinking water sources. Researchers are a decision-making tool to estimate the risk of water contamination in flooded areas. Québec has seen record

OUR PICKSHow the War Against ISIS Was Won | Warning Signs of Online Extremism | Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons, and more Published 7 June 2022 ·  Neo-Nazi Co-Founder of National Action Jailed ·  Court Upholds ‘Terrorism’ Sentencing of Pipeline Saboteur ·  Prevent and the Problem of ‘Political Correctness’ ·  Why Holding Returned ISIS Members Accountable Just Got

SINKING CALIFORNIAGroundwater Depletion Causes California Farmland to Sink Published 6 June 2022 A new study simulates 65 years of land subsidence, or sinking, caused by groundwater depletion in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The results suggest significant sinking may continue for centuries after water levels stop declining but could slow within a few years if aquifers recover.