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SurveillanceU.S. Tightens Export Controls on Items Used in Surveillance of Private Citizens, other Malicious Cyber Activities Published 25 October 2021 The Commerce Department has released an interim final rule, establishing controls on the export, reexport, or transfer (in-country) of certain items that can be used for surveillance of private citizens or other malicious cyber activities.  The

Our PicksChina’s New Espionage | Children Coordinating Terror Attacks | Radioactive Materials & Dirty Bombs, and more Published 25 October 2021 ·  A China-Aligned Espionage Group Is Targeting Global Telecoms, Sweeping Up Call Data Dating Back Years ·  The Technical Obstacles to Afghan Drone War ·  Amid the Capitol Riot, Facebook Faced Its Own Insurrection ·  Facebook Dithered

Hardware ProtectionProtecting Hardware from Software Attacks Published 23 October 2021 In order to break the endless cycle of software patch-and-pray, DARPA’s System Security Integration Through Hardware and firmware (SSITH) program aims to develop ASIC hardware with novel protections proven in mitigating against software attacks on hardware. DARPA’s System Security Integration Through Hardware and firmware (SSITH) program is exploring

ExtremismCriticism Mount of U.K. Counter-Extremism Programs Published 22 October 2021 There is a “fundamental mismatch” between the threat posed by Islamist terrorism and the attention afforded to it by Prevent, the U.K. government’s counter-extremism program, according to a new report.The report finds that despite the finding of the government’s independent reviewer that the United Kingdom

ANALYSIS: Gathering StormRising Temperatures Reshaping, Exacerbating Global Security Landscape By Jeff Seldin Published 21 October 2021 More than just altering the environment, climate change is threatening to permanently and dangerously reshape the global security landscape. These are the conclusions of a series of new assessments by U.S. military, intelligence, and security officials. “As climate change