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AI & disinformationAn AI-Based Counter-Disinformation Framework By Linda Slapakova Published 31 March 2021 There are different roles that AI can play in counter-disinformation efforts, but the current shortfalls of AI-based counter-disinformation tools must be addressed first. Such an effort faces technical, governance, and regulatory barriers, but there are ways these obstacles could be effectively addressed

Electric gridBatteries: Reshaping the Future of the Electric Grid Published 30 March 2021 Research begun at the Department of Energy’s Joint Center for Energy Storage Research and continued at spinoff company Form Energy may launch a new era of renewable energy. A new era of energy provided by renewables may be close at hand, thanks to

PandemicPandemic Apologies and Defiance: Europe’s Leaders Increasingly Rattled By Jamie Dettmer Published 30 March 2021 European leaders are handling rising public frustration, economic distress and mounting coronavirus case numbers in different ways, with most showing the strain of dealing with a yearlong pandemic, say analysts and commentators, who add that the leaders seem to be

Climate challengesClimate Change Significantly Increases Population Displacement Risk Published 30 March 2021 The risk of people being forced from their homes by flooding increases by half for each additional degree of global warming, as an international research team led by the Weather and Climate Risks Group at ETH Zurich demonstrate. Every year, millions of people around