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Cybersecurity EducationHacking for Homeland Security Published 4 October 2021 On Monday (4 September), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the launch of the third Hacking for Homeland Security (H4HS). Participating students will focus on challenges associated with cybersecurity information sharing within transportation, the latency issue at screening checkpoints, and address greenspace issues after natural disasters.

Nuclear ForensicsBolstering Speed, Flexibility of Response to Nuclear Events Published 4 October 2021 Researchers are combining basic research and development of emergent technologies, predictive capabilities, and systems assessment to revolutionize the speed and flexibility of technical nuclear forensic (TNF) response to nuclear events. The Post-Detonation Rapid Response Research Venture — also known as R-cubed or R3

FloodsNew Tool Mappin Floods Since 1985 Will Aid Disaster Planning Published 4 October 2021 Free online World Flood Mapping Tool will help plan urban and agricultural development, effective flood defenses, disaster readiness, and identify supply chain vulnerabilities UN University-led experts have debuted a new tool that generates instant, accurate street-level resolution maps of floods worldwide since

Volcanic EruptionsMinor Volcanic Eruptions Could “Cascade” into Global Catastrophe Published 4 October 2021 Researchers call for a shift in focus away from risks of “super-volcanic” eruptions and toward likelier scenarios of smaller eruptions in key global ‘pinch points’ creating devastating domino effects. Currently, much of the thinking around risks posed by volcanoes follows a simple equation:

Our PicksHow to Adapt to Extreme Weather| Nuclear Deterrence Strategy That Works | War on Terror: Opportunity Costs, and more Published 4 October 2021 ·  For Years, the Voice Behind ISIS Propaganda Was a Mystery. Now a Canadian Faces Criminal Charges. ·  New Emergency Cyber Regulations Lay Out “Urgently Needed” Rules for Pipelines but Draw Mixed Reviews

Anthrax AttacksAnthrax Attacks: 20 Years On Published 1 October 2021 Twenty years ago this month the United States experienced the scary anthrax letter attacks, which targeted major media outlets and members of Congress. Twenty years ago this month the United States experienced the scary anthrax letter attacks, which targeted major media outlets and members of Congress.

BioweaponsCalifornia Biosecurity Bill Safeguards Bioeconomy and Public Health Published 1 October 2021 Biosecurity experts say that California has the opportunity to reduce the risk posed by synthetic smallpox — and other novel biological threats —while keeping California’s bioeconomy innovative and strong. Gregory Koblentz, director of the Biodefense Graduate Program at the Schar School of Policy and

BioweaponsBioweapons Research Is Banned By an International Treaty – but Nobody Is Checking for Violations By Gary Samore Published 1 October 2021 Scientists are making dramatic progress with techniques for “gene splicing” – modifying the genetic makeup of organisms. This work includes bioengineering pathogens for medical research, techniques that also can be used to create