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NATRUAL DISASTERSNew Tool Pinpoints Natural Disaster Risk Down to County Level Published 14 December 2021 NOAA has released an innovative mapping tool that provides county-level information on natural disaster hazards across the United States. This new feature provides significant enhancements to the state-level data on NOAA’s Billion-Dollar Disasters website. NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Health SecurityAll Countries Remain Dangerously Unprepared for Future Epidemic, Pandemic Threats Published 11 December 2021 Despite important steps taken by countries to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, all countries—across all income levels—remain dangerously unprepared to meet future epidemic and pandemic threats, according to the new 2021 Global Health Security (GHS) Index. The report calls on

PERSPECTIVE: Cybersecurity NightmareWhat’s the Deal with the Log4Shell Security Nightmare? Published 11 December 2021 What started out as a Minecraft prank, has now resulted in a 5-alarm security panic as administrators and developers around the world desperately try to fix and patch systems before the cryptocurrency miners, ransomware attackers and nation-state adversaries rush to exploit

Truth DecaySome Doctors Spreading Coronavirus Misinformation Are Being Punished Published 11 December 2021 State medical boards are receiving more and more complaints about false or misleading information about COVID-19, but only a handful have taken action against doctors. Researchers say that misinformation delivered by doctors can be particularly insidious as a result of the credibility

CybersecurityNew Cyber Protections against Stealthy “Logic Bombs” Published 11 December 2021 Cybersecurity researchers proposed new ways to protect 3D printed objects such as drones, prostheses, and medical devices from stealthy “logic bombs.” Cybersecurity researchers at Rutgers University-New Brunswickand the Georgia Institute of Technology have proposed new ways to protect 3D printed objects such as drones, prostheses,