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PandemicExamining Which Approaches Are Most Effective at Reducing COVID-19 Spread Published 10 December 2020 Researchers have found that physical distancing is universally effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19, while social bubbles and masks are more situation-dependent. The researchers developed a model to test the effectiveness of measures such as physical distancing, masks or social

CybersecurityRussian Government Hackers Exploit Known Vulnerability in Virtual Workspaces Published 8 December 2020 The National Security Agency (NSA) released a Cybersecurity Advisory on Monday, detailing how Russian state-sponsored actors have been exploiting a vulnerability in VMware products to access protected data on affected systems. The National Security Agency (NSA) released a Cybersecurity Advisory on Monday, detailing how Russian

PandemicIn Responding to COVID, Nations Copy Policies of Regimes with Similar Political Ideology Published 8 December 2020 Public policy researchers found that nationalistic governments around the globe are more likely to copy other nationalistic governments in responding to the current pandemic. “While leaders often claim responses are based on the best available advice from scientists

Iran’s nukesRemote-Control Killing: Iran Says Top Nuclear Scientist Assassinated by Machine Gun Guided Via Satellite By Golnaz Esfandiari Published 8 December 2020 A machine gun equipped with a “satellite-controlled smart system” was used to kill Iran’s top nuclear scientist, a senior official with the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has said. Officials have blamed

China syndromeBrain Drain: China’s Campaign of Intellectual Property Theft Published 7 December 2020 Hundreds of scientists at British universities, who would be banned from almost all postgraduate study in the United States over their ties to military-linked Chinese universities, are currently researching subjects which involve knowledge useful to the creation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.