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Our picksStill Possible to Save Afghanistan? | Answers on GPS Data Spoofing | $600M Crypto Heist, and more Published 12 August 2021 ·  It Might Still Be Possible to Save Afghanistan ·  America Failed Its Way to Counterterrorism Success ·  Ending Title 42 for Illegal Border Crossings Will Jeopardize Post-Pandemic Recovery ·  Feds Warn of Potential Violence Fueled

EarthquakesEarthquake Forecasts a Step Closer to Reality Published 12 August 2021 Earthquakes — like lightning — strike unpredictably. For decades, scientists have struggled to reliably give forecasts for major earthquake hotspots, but now, an international team of scientists has embarked on a new initiative to do just that. Earthquakes — like lightning — strike unpredictably. The

COVID-19Studies Look at COVID-19 Vaccines-Connected Clotting, Myocarditis By Lianna Matt McLernon Published 11 August 2021 Two studies published by JAMA Cardiology Tuesday discuss adverse effects associated with COVID-19 vaccines. Despite these risks, both research teams continue to advocate for COVID-19 vaccines as the health risks from the virus are far greater than those linked to

Epidemic early warningModel Predicts COVID-19 Outbreak Two Weeks Ahead of Time Published 11 August 2021 People’s social behavior, reflected in their mobility data, is providing scientists with a way to forecast the spread of COVID-19 nationwide at the county level. The data-driven deep learning model which FAU researchers developed has important implications for managing the

China watchMembers of Scientific Journal Editorial Board Resign over China Genetics Papers Published 10 August 2021 Eight members of the editorial board of Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine have resigned after the journal published several controversial papers which “critics fear could be used for DNA profiling and persecution of ethnic minorities in China.” Eight members of