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Our PicksThe Mafia Is Pivoting to Cybercrime | Cyber Incident Reporting Legislation | Hacking Food Supply Chain, and more Published 24 September 2021 ·  Russian Hackers Deny an Iowa Grain Cooperative Counts as “Critical” ·  U.S. Is Unfairly Targeting Chinese Scientists over Industrial Spying Says Report ·  Apple Is Testing Whether Its Devices Can Detect Autism and Depression

Aviation securityPilot Association Calls for Flight Deck Barrier Regulation Published 23 September 2021 The world’s leading air-line pilots association has called on the U.S. government to issue a final secondary flight deck barrier regulation which was mandated by Congress nearly three years ago. The Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), the world’s largest non-governmental aviation safety

ExtremismThe Role of Trust in Deciding Which Terrorist Faction to Join Published 22 September 2021 Research based on interviews with Irish Republican activists has shown that trust plays a greater role than ideology in how members pick sides when terrorist groups splinter. If commitment is primarily social rather than ideological, then counter-narrative or ideological “deprogramming”

ExtremismU.S. Domestic Terrorism Caseload “Exploding” By Jeff Seldin Published 22 September 2021 U.S. national security and law enforcement agencies are battling what they describe as a “significant jump” in threats from domestic terrorists, many of whom are acting on their own and motivated by racial animosity or anti-government ideology. U.S. national security and law enforcement agencies

RansomwareU.S. Sanctions Russian-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange for Laundering Ransomware Money Published 21 September 2021 A Russian-based cryptocurrency exchange has been sanctioned by the U.S. over its role in facilitating illegal payments from ransomware attacks. U.S. Treasury officials said it was the first sanctions leveled against a cryptocurrency exchange laundering money for cybercriminals. The United States has imposed