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CyberwarWith Cyberattacks Growing More Frequent and Disruptive, a Unified Approach Is Essential By Yasser Morgan Published 1 July 2021 Coordinated cyberattacks can create massive disruptions to infrastructure and supply chains. New treaties are needed to prevent cyberwarfare, but it’s challenging to predict technological advances. Cyberwarfare consists of coordinated attacks of mass disruption (AMD). In the June summit

CybersecurityBuilding a Better “Canary Trap” Published 1 July 2021 A new artificial intelligence system generates fake documents to fool adversaries. The system automatically creates false documents to protect intellectual property such as drug design and military technology. During World War II, British intelligence agents planted false documents on a corpse to fool Nazi Germany into preparing

Energy securityBetter Method to Predict Offshore Wind Power Published 1 July 2021 Offshore wind is maturing into a major source of renewable energy, and is projected to grow 15-fold by 2040 to become a $1 trillion industry. Researchers have developed a machine learning model using a physics-based simulator and real-world meteorological data to better predict