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Terrorism2020 Global Terrorism Index: Deaths from Terrorism Reach 5-Year Low Published 27 November 2020 Globally, deaths from terrorism fell for the fifth consecutive year in 2019, to 13,826 — a 15 percent decrease from the prior year. In North America, Western Europe and Oceania, far-right attacks have increased by 250 percent since 2014 – they

Cybersecurity educationUtah State University’s Seth Manesse Wins First Individual CyberForce Competition Published 27 November 2020 After a tough, day-long contest, Seth Manesse from Utah State University won the sixth CyberForce Competition. Each CyberForce Competition presents a real-world scenario in which participants must defend cyber-physical infrastructure against threats modeled on those faced by the energy sector

Nuclear fuelNovel Chemical Process a First Step to Making Nuclear Fuel with Fire Published 27 November 2020 Uranium dioxide, a radioactive actinide oxide, is the most widely used nuclear fuel in today’s nuclear power plants. A new “combustion synthesis” process recently established for lanthanide metals—non-radioactive and positioned one row above actinides on the periodic table—could

Our picksHumanity’s Short-Term thinking | Cyberattack the Best form of Defense? | China’s ZTE Is a Security Threat, and more Published 27 November 2020 ·  Democracy Contains the Seeds of Its Own Recovery ·  Biden’s DHS Pick Was a “Quick Study” of Cybersecurity Issues as the Department’s Deputy ·  Did a University Use Facial Recognition to ID

VaccinesHere’s How the Three COVID-19 Vaccines Compare By Steve Baragona Published 24 November 2020 With pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca’s announcement Monday that its vaccine successfully prevented coronavirus infection, three candidates appear to be promising vital tools to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic. However, scientists caution that all they know about these vaccines is what the companies have