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PathogensThe Risk of Lab-Created, Potentially Pandemic Pathogens Published 17 September 2021 In 20212, researchers published studies on making avian influenza contagious through the air among mammals. This debate on developing pathogenic threats for research purposes led the U.S. government to impose a moratorium on funding gain-of-function research. The threat of an accidental release of lab-enhanced

FloodsNew Flood Risk Prediction Tool “Map” Out Disaster Mitigation Plans Published 17 September 2021 Easy to understand visualization of flood risk could enable informed and scientific sustainable planning by policy makers and vulnerable communities. Flood risk prediction and mitigation could help avoid tragedy when disaster strikes. But how do you know which areas need preventative measures

PathogenCritical Shortcut to Detect, Identify Known and Emerging Pathogens Published 17 September 2021 Researchers have developed a sophisticated new tool which could help provide early warning of rare and unknown viruses in the environment and identify potentially deadly bacterial pathogens which cause sepsis, among other uses. Researchers at McMaster University have developed a sophisticated new tool

Vulcanic eruptionsThreat of Catastrophic Supervolcano Eruptions Ever-Present Published 17 September 2021 Supervolcanoes remain active and hazardous for thousands of years after a super-eruption, prompting the need for a rethink of how these potentially catastrophic events are predicted. Curtin University scientists are part of an international research team that studied an ancient supervolcano in Indonesia and found

DronesDetecting, Identifying Small Drones in Urban Environment Published 15 September 2021 DHS has awarded $750K to a Texas company to develop a detection and tracking sensor system that can identify nefarious small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in an urban environment. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program awarded $750,000 to Texas-based small business

Killer robotsNew Armed Robot to Patrol Battlefield, Border Published 13 September 2021 An Israeli defense contractor on Monday unveiled a remote-controlled armed robot which can patrol battle zones, borders, track infiltrators, and open fire. The robot can also be programmed to make decisions on its own, without human intervention, about opening fire. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)