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DronesDetecting, Identifying Small Drones in Urban Environment Published 14 September 2021 DHS has awarded $750K to a Texas company to develop a detection and tracking sensor system that can identify nefarious small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in an urban environment. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program awarded $750,000 to Texas-based small business

Killer robotsNew Armed Robot to Patrol Battlefield, Border Published 13 September 2021 An Israeli defense contractor on Monday unveiled a remote-controlled armed robot which can patrol battle zones, borders, track infiltrators, and open fire. The robot can also be programmed to make decisions on its own, without human intervention, about opening fire. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Our picksWhole-of-Society Approach to Counterterrorism | The Third Revolution in Warfare | Airline Cybersecurity, and more Published 13 September 2021 ·  Adopting a Whole-of-Society Approach to Terrorism and Counterterrorism ·  Cybersecurity Seen as Rising Risk for Airlines after 9/11 ·  CDC Finds Unvaccinated 11 Times More Likely to Die of COVID ·  FBI Releases Declassified Document on 9/11 Attacks

Iran’s nukesIAEA Monitors Allowed to Service Cameras at Sensitive Nuclear Sites Published 12 September 2021 An agreement has been reached between Iran and the IAEA to allow international inspectors to service surveillance cameras at Iran’s sensitive nuclear sites and to continue filming there. The agreement, announced Sunday, averts a diplomatic showdown this week. Iran has agreed

Water securityCalif.’s Central Valley: Increased Pumping During Drought in Worsens Groundwater Quality Published 12 September 2021 Researchers, examining thirty years of data from California’s Central Valley, found that intensive pumping of aquifers during drought can speed up deterioration of groundwater quality. Intensive pumping of aquifers during drought can speed up deterioration of groundwater quality, according to