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SuperbugsCountries’ Shortcomings in Tackling Antibiotic Resistance Spotlighted By Chris Dall Published 25 June 2021 A new report indicates that while the world’s leading economies have been talking a good game when it comes to addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), they have yet to translate that talk into substantive action. At the conclusion of a meeting this month

China watchIslamic World “Actively Collaborating” with China’s Global Campaign against Uyghurs: Researchers By Reid Standish Published 24 June 2021 A new report documents how governments — predominantly from Muslim-majority countries across the Middle East and Asia — have cooperated with Beijing to surveil, detain, and repatriate Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities from China who have

ARGUMENT: Research SecurityRethinking Research Security Published 24 June 2021 How can or should the United States protect the gains of innovation without damaging the very research base it wants to protect? Ainikki Riikonen and Emily Weinstein write that the U.S. government has rightfully identified the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as an adversary intent on

CybersecurityMaking Our Computers More Secure Published 24 June 2021 Corporations and governments rely on computers and the internet to run everything, but security hacks just this past month —  including the Colonial Pipeline security breach and the JBS Foods ransomware attacks  — demonstrated, yet again, how vulnerable these systems are. Researchers presented new systems to