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ExtremismViolent Extremism in America: Pathways to Deradicalization By Doug Irving Published 8 September 2021 Top law enforcement officials have described violent extremism — especially racially or ethnically motivated extremism— as the greatest domestic threat facing the United States. The Biden administration has requested tens of millions of dollars to fight it. Yet the research on

Truth decayFact-Checking Works Across the Globe Published 8 September 2021 Researchers found that fact-checking, aiming to reduce false beliefs, worked with little variation in Argentina, Nigeria, South Africa and the U.K., and the positive effects were still detectable two weeks later. Fact-checking works to reduce false beliefs across the globe, according to a new study conducted

Election interferenceGermany Warns Russia over Cyberattacks Related to 26 September Election Published 6 September 2021 Berlin blames Russian government hackers for a recent wave of cyberattacks related to Germany’s 26 September general election. “These attacks could serve as preparations for influence operations such as disinformation campaigns connected with the parliamentary election,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Andrea