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PERSPECTIVE: Cybersecurity NightmareWhat’s the Deal with the Log4Shell Security Nightmare? Published 11 December 2021 What started out as a Minecraft prank, has now resulted in a 5-alarm security panic as administrators and developers around the world desperately try to fix and patch systems before the cryptocurrency miners, ransomware attackers and nation-state adversaries rush to exploit

Health SecurityAll Countries Remain Dangerously Unprepared for Future Epidemic, Pandemic Threats Published 11 December 2021 Despite important steps taken by countries to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, all countries—across all income levels—remain dangerously unprepared to meet future epidemic and pandemic threats, according to the new 2021 Global Health Security (GHS) Index. The report calls on

PandemicHuman and Economic Impacts of Covid-19 Published 9 December 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the behavior of businesses and households.  Those behavioral changes, intensified by government actions like mandatory closures, have had a reverberating impact on the U.S. economy. Throughout its unsteady course, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the behavior of businesses and households.  Those

ResilienceCommunity-Based Solutions to Enhance Disaster Resilience Published 9 December 2021 The NSF announced a $15.9 million in awards to teams to conduct and evaluate ready-to-implement pilot projects that address community-identified challenges. A significant portion of the funds was awarded to projects focusing on resilience to natural disasters in the context of equipping communities for greater

High-Risk DisastersHelping Calculate Likelihood of Worst-Case Scenarios Published 9 December 2021 If you had to guess, what would you think is most likely to end all life on Earth: a meteor strike, climate change, or a solar flare? New statistical method could help accurately analyze low-probability, high-risk events such as earthquakes, pandemics, or meteor strikes. Quick—if