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GunsRising Trends in Suicide by Firearms in Young Americans Published 15 June 2021 Deaths from suicide are rising in the United States. These rising trends are especially alarming because global trends in suicide are on a downward trajectory. Moreover, in the U.S., the major mode of suicide among young Americans is by firearms. Deaths from suicide

CybersecurityCyber Regulation Could Be Coming Following Spate of Hacks, Ransomware Attacks By Jeff Seldin Published 11 June 2021 The United States may soon look to regulate private companies, mandating higher standards for cybersecurity following a series of damaging hacks and ransomware attacks against key firms and critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity experts say that malign actors are

BOOKSHELF: The Anthrax attackInvisible Scourge: The Investigation, Legacy, and Lessons of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks By Al Mauroni Published 11 June 2021 The anthrax incidents of 2001 represented a major milestone for the national security community, in that they highlighted the vulnerabilities of the United States to a very unique domestic threat. While the number

GunsWhat Are “Ghost Guns,” a Target of Biden’s Anti-Crime Effort? By Garen Wintemute Published 11 June 2021 It’s not expensive or difficult to produce large numbers of untraceable firearms in the United States. Whether for private use, sale on the criminal market or arming violent extremists, it’s actually startlingly cheap and easy to mass-produce firearms

RansomwareU.S. Attorney General Warns Ransomware “Getting Worse and Worse” By Masood Farivar Published 10 June 2021 U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland warned Wednesday that ransom-motivated cyberattacks are “getting worse and worse,” echoing other top Biden administration officials who have sounded the alarm about the problem in recent weeks.  “We have to do everything we possibly