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Our picksU.S. Cyberattacks Iran | Despite Horrors, Jihadism Has Declined | DHS Cut Corners in Portland, and more Published 4 November 2020 ·  Right and Left-Wing Extremists Are Anticipating Election-Related Violence, From the Other Side, Report Finds ·  U.S. Undertook Cyber Operation against Iran as Part of Effort to Secure the 2020 Election ·  Despite the Horrors

CybersecurityCreating a National Network of Cybersecurity Institutes Published 3 November 2020 DHS S&T, in partnership with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), awarded $2 million to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) to develop a plan that CISA can execute to build a national network of cybersecurity technical institutes. “CISA sees the growing

Grid securityNew Cyber Technologies Protect Utility Energy Delivery Systems Published 3 November 2020 Researchers are taking new approaches to solve cybersecurity vulnerabilities for utilities and other industries that use process control technologies. These connected devices are used in operational technology settings and tend to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks than information technology equipment. The software

PERSPECTIVE: Election Night Reporting (ENR)Preparing for Election Night: Counting and Reporting the Vote in Battleground States Published 2 November 2020 Disinformation surrounding election night reporting of vote counts poses a unique threat to public confidence in U.S. election results. Jack Caleb and colleagues note that election night reporting (ENR) refers to the real-time report of

Information operationsUnderstanding, and Countering, Information Operations Published 2 November 2020 In recent years, a growing number of governments, non-state actors, and citizens have rapidly expanded their use of pernicious information operations against other countries and even their fellow citizens. Social media and the internet have become the main tool. The current technological revolution has lowered