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Zoonotic DiseasesFocusing on Zoonotic Diseases Published 18 August 2021 Experts warn that zoonotic diseases—diseases caused by germs that spread from animals to people—are a growing and increasingly dangerous threat to global public health. Veterinarian and PNNL data scientist Lauren Charles talks animal-borne diseases—and how biosurveillance can help combat them Experts warn that zoonotic diseases—diseases caused by

Nuclear powerSmall Modular Reactors May Mitigate Climate Change By Ranjit Devraj Published 18 August 2021 The consequences of carbon emissions from the large-scale burning of fossil fuels are all around us, from relentless wildfires to scorching heatwaves to devastating floods to destructive megadroughts. There is renewed interest in nuclear energy, specifically in the new generation

Nuclear wasteStudying Spent-Fuel Canister to Support Long-Term Storage Published 18 August 2021 Nuclear waste is stored in more than sixty dry-cask storage sites in thirty-four states. These facilities store the majority of the more than 90,000 metric tons of nuclear waste in the United States, including nearly 80,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel. The receipt of

Extreme weatherArtificial Intelligence Helps Unlock Extreme Weather Mysteries Published 18 August 2021 A new machine learning approach helps scientists understand why extreme precipitation days in the Midwest are becoming more frequent. It could also help scientists better predict how these and other extreme weather events will change in the future. From lake-draining drought in California to

Energy securityNew Clean Energy Technology Extracts Twice the Power from Ocean Waves Published 17 August 2021 A prototype technology holds the promise of doubling the power harvested from ocean waves, in an advance that could finally make wave energy a viable renewable alternative. The untapped potential of ocean wave energy is vast—it has been estimated

Nuclear weaponsWith Redesigned “Brains,” W88 Nuclear Warhead Reaches Milestone Published 17 August 2021 The W88 nuclear warhead entered the stockpile in late 1988 and is deployed on the Navy’s Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missile system onboard Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines. The weapon was beyond its original design life, and several updates were required to address