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Energy securityNew Clean Energy Technology Extracts Twice the Power from Ocean Waves Published 17 August 2021 A prototype technology holds the promise of doubling the power harvested from ocean waves, in an advance that could finally make wave energy a viable renewable alternative. The untapped potential of ocean wave energy is vast—it has been estimated

Nuclear weaponsWith Redesigned “Brains,” W88 Nuclear Warhead Reaches Milestone Published 17 August 2021 The W88 nuclear warhead entered the stockpile in late 1988 and is deployed on the Navy’s Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missile system onboard Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines. The weapon was beyond its original design life, and several updates were required to address

Our picks: The Afghanistan decisionWe Lost the War in Afghanistan Long Ago | Disaster in Afghanistan Will Follow Us Home | Why the Taliban Won, and more Published 17 August 2021 Supporting Biden’s decision ·  Biden Was Right ·  We All Lost Afghanistan ·  Biden Could Still Be Proved Right in Afghanistan ·  We Lost the War in Afghanistan