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MigrationBiden Administration Struggling for Coherent Message on U.S.-Mexico Border: Critics By Rob Garver Published 13 August 2021 The president and his advisers have offered sometimes contradictory assessments of the seriousness of a surge of migrants overwhelming border officials, and have sent mixed messages to the migrants themselves about what would happen if they reached the

TerrorismHow Has the Terrorism Threat Changed Twenty Years After 9/11? By Bruce Hoffman Published 12 August 2021 The U.S. counterterrorism response to the September 11, 2001, attacks yielded some remarkable successes and disastrous failures in hunting al-Qaeda. The top terrorist threat today, though, is domestic rather than foreign. How do al-Qaeda and its affiliates currently pose

Our picksStill Possible to Save Afghanistan? | Answers on GPS Data Spoofing | $600M Crypto Heist, and more Published 12 August 2021 ·  It Might Still Be Possible to Save Afghanistan ·  America Failed Its Way to Counterterrorism Success ·  Ending Title 42 for Illegal Border Crossings Will Jeopardize Post-Pandemic Recovery ·  Feds Warn of Potential Violence Fueled

EarthquakesEarthquake Forecasts a Step Closer to Reality Published 12 August 2021 Earthquakes — like lightning — strike unpredictably. For decades, scientists have struggled to reliably give forecasts for major earthquake hotspots, but now, an international team of scientists has embarked on a new initiative to do just that. Earthquakes — like lightning — strike unpredictably. The