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Our picksFighting Ransomware | Fewer Americans Are Trying to Buy Guns | Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook, and more Published 9 December 2021 ·  “A Free Pass to Seize and Sift”: Federal Court Upholds Terrorism Conviction in Controversial Mass Surveillance Case ·  Instagram (Still) Has a Big Problem with Nazis and White Supremacists ·  Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook

Climate ChallengesFeasibility, Cost, and Potential Impacts of Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal Approaches Published 9 December 2021 To better understand the potential risks and benefits of removing or sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide using ocean-based interventions — for example, by cultivating seaweed on a large scale or manipulating nutrients in seawater — the U.S. should undertake a

China WatchCompetition Between U.S., China Continues in Africa By Kang-Chun Cheng Published 8 December 2021 Annual U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI) flows have been declining since 2010. Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) flow to Africa grew significantly, exceeding that of the United States since 2013. Tyson Nuthu works in the outdoors industry in Nairobi and sees

China WatchChina Expands Military-Political Education Programs In Developing Countries Published 8 December 2021 China has vastly expanded its military training programs for military officers from developing countries. In these programs, in which military officers from more than 100 countries have participated, Beijing combines military training with ideological education to promote authoritarian governance, especially its “Party-Army

Border WallIsrael Completes Wall along Gaza Border Published 8 December 2021 Israel says the new barrier extends underground and uses high-tech sensors to prevent Hamas fighters from using tunnels to enter Israeli territory. Israel on Tuesday announced the completion of an enhanced security barrier along its border with the besieged Gaza Strip. The structure includes and underground wall

EarthquakesGround Improvement Technique Ahead of Earthquakes Published 7 December 2021 Helping engineers better understand and predict the “liquefaction” hazard during earthquakes and more reliably mitigate it. Juan Carlos Tiznado (PhDCivEngr’20) is the lead author on a new paper in the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering that helps engineers better understand and predict the “liquefaction” hazard during earthquakes and