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GUNSRise in Firearm Homicides Mostly Hit South-Central and Midwest States Published 15 July 2022 A rise in U.S. firearm homicides in recent years has primarily affected states in the South-Central and Midwest portion of the nation, as well as disproportionately affecting people who are American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Black. While overall rates of racial

WAR IN UKRAINEUkraine’s Homegrown Response to “Deadly” Chinese Drone Detection Tech Published 14 July 2022 Ukrainian forces have been using drones for tracking the movement of Russian forces, and armed drones to attack Russian tanks, trucks, and artillery batteries. But the effectiveness of the drones has been limited by a Chinese drone-tracking technology called AeroScope.

CHINA WATCHChina Escalating Campaign of Intimidation, Harassment of Chinese Dissidents in U.S. By Masood Farivar Published 14 July 2022 Last week, the U.S. Justice Department announced the indictment of one former and one current DHS agents who were recruited to help the Chinese government’s campaign of harassment targeting U.S.-based critics. This was not the first

DEMOCRACY WATCHWere Participants in the Jan. 6 Attack Extremists? Protesters? Patriots? By Juan Siliezar Published 14 July 2022 Survey finds most view the rioters negatively, but much depends on how you feel about Black Lives Matter and gun ownership. American views of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack do not vary much by race overall, but

EXTREMISMU.K. Parliamentary Report: “Threat from Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism on an Upward Trajectory” Published 12 July 2022 “The threat from Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism is on an upward trajectory, populated by an increasing number of young people and driven by the internet,” said Julian Lewis, MP, the chairman of the U.K. Parliament Intelligence and Security Committee. The

LAW RNFORCEMENTUpdated Software Reference Library Will Aid in Criminal Investigations Published 12 July 2022 A recent update to a publicly downloadable database maintained by NIST will make it easier to sift through computers, cellphones and other electronic equipment seized in police raids, potentially helping law enforcement catch sexual predators and other criminals. A recent update to