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Energy securityCriminals Carried out Cyberattack on U.S. Pipeline Published 10 May 2021 Security experts say that DarkSide, a group of veteran cybercriminals, is responsible for the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, the worst cyberattack on U.S. critical infrastructure to date. The cyberattack forced Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline to shut a critical fuel network that serves populous

Our picksWinning War on COVID Vaccine Lies | Deported Veterans | Bizarre Election Audit, and more Published 10 May 2021 ·  U.S. Government Working to Help Top Fuel Pipeline Operator after Cyberattack ·  Facebook Winning War on COVID Vaccine Lies, Hoaxes and Conspiracies. Twitter and TikTok? Not So Much, Report Says ·  Permitless-Carry Gun Laws Are Misguided

PandemicsHow Can Scientists Predict a COVID-19 Outbreak? There Is an App for That Published 7 May 2021 A mobile app that uses crowd-sourced data on COVID-19 symptoms can accurately identify where local coronavirus outbreaks will appear, according to scientists who developed the app. “COVID Control” using self-reported virus symptom information could predict next outbreak. A mobile

CybersecurityComplex Passwords Aren’t Always Best Published 7 May 2021 Research shows increasingly complex website password restrictions often leave users frustrated and lead to poor password security. “Our results confirm that the tougher the constraints of creating the passwords the safer users feel with their information,” said one expert. “However, the results show that a large