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DeradicalizationThe Role of (Dis)Trust in Disengagement and Deradicalization Published 31 July 2021 When designing a disengagement or deradicalization program, there is a need for careful consideration regarding who delivers it and how much they are trusted. When designing a disengagement or deradicalization program, who delivers it and how much they are trusted needs careful consideration. “Perhaps a

ARGUMENT: Cyber retaliationU.S. Leads Coalition Accusing China of Hacking Published 29 July 2021 On 19 July, the United States joined other countries in condemning the hacking by Chinee government hackers of Microsoft Exchange email server software. Despite the condemnations, there have not been any sanctions against China for its role in the breach, leading critics

CybersecurityHoneypot Security Technique Can Also Stop Attacks in Natural Language Processing Published 29 July 2021 Borrowing a technique commonly used in cybersecurity to defend against these universal trigger-based attacks, researchers at the Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology have developed a machine learning framework that can proactively defend against the same types of

PrivacyMaximum Privacy for Sharing Files Online Published 29 July 2021 People who share documents or pictures online, or organizations which share confidential documents with employees and others, have little to no control over who views the information which is being sent and where it is being viewed. An FAU researcher has received a patent from

EarthquakesPreventing Human-Induced Earthquakes By Jennifer Chu Published 29 July 2021 When humans pump large volumes of fluid into the ground, they can set off potentially damaging earthquakes, depending on the underlying geology. This has been the case in certain oil- and gas-producing regions. have developed a method to manage such human-induced seismicity, and have demonstrated