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MigrationU.S .Pledges Central America Aid, Programs to Address Migration Published 27 April 2021 U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to speak Tuesday with community organizations in Guatemala, a day after the United States announced economic and other efforts to help Guatemala and its neighbors slow uncontrolled migration. U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to

Alternate realityQAnon Hasn’t Gone Away – It’s Alive and Kicking in States Across the Country By Sophie Bjork-James Published 27 April 2021 By this point, almost everyone has heard of QAnon, the conspiracy spawned by an anonymous online poster of enigmatic prophecies. Perhaps the greatest success of the conspiracy is its ability to create a

Securing soft targets Students Collaborate to Solve Homeland Security Challenges Published 23 April 2021 In the parlance of homeland security, soft targets are places that are easily accessible to the general public and relatively unprotected. Last month, innovative students from Arizona State University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas competed in “Hardening Soft Targets”

ViolenceReducing Inappropriate Use of Force by Police Published 23 April 2021 A new report outlines policy and procedural recommendations for reducing use of inappropriate police force from behavioral and social science experts. “There is a crisis in the United States and beyond right now with respect to relations between police and the communities they serve,”