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DeepfakesSeeing Is No Longer Believing: Manipulation of Online Images Published 22 October 2020 Image editing software is so ubiquitous and easy to use, and deadline-driven journalists lack the tools to tell the difference, especially when the images come through from social media. A peace sign from Martin Luther King, Jr, becomes a rude gesture; President Donald

Our picksThe Tree That Could Help Stop the Pandemic | “Machines Set Loose to Slaughter” | Overestimating Earthquake Dangers Published 21 October 2020 ·  The Tree That Could Help Stop the Pandemic ·  In Michigan Plot to Kidnap Governor, Informants Were Key ·  The All-American Mind of a Militia Member ·  U.S. Diplomats and Spies Battle Trump Administration

The Russia connectionRussia Launches Disinformation Campaign to Undermine Public Confidence in Oxford University’s COVID Vaccine Published 21 October 2020 The U.K. government said it condemned as “utterly deplorable” a Russia disinformation campaign to undermine public confidence in a coronavirus vaccine currently under development by Oxford University scientists. The Times reported on Friday that Russian government

The Russia connectionDetails of Russia’s Cyberattacks against Olympic, Paralympic Games Revealed Published 21 October 2020 The U.K. On Monday (19 October) exposed malicious cyberactivity from Russia’s GRU military intelligence service against organizations involved in the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games before they were postponed. The U.K. National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said that the incident