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OUR PICKSISIS Planned Chemical Attacks | International Norms on Cyber Operations | U.S. Successful Hypersonic Missile Test, and more Published 13 July 2022 ·  Homeland Security Watchdog Delayed Inquiry, Complaint Says ·  ISIS Planned Chemical Attacks in Europe, New Details on Weapons Program Reveal ·  Domestic Terror Cases Increasingly Cross Borders, FBI Director Says ·  Exploiting a Crisis:

LAW RNFORCEMENTUpdated Software Reference Library Will Aid in Criminal Investigations Published 12 July 2022 A recent update to a publicly downloadable database maintained by NIST will make it easier to sift through computers, cellphones and other electronic equipment seized in police raids, potentially helping law enforcement catch sexual predators and other criminals. A recent update to

DISINFORMATIONThese Red Flags Can Let You Know When You’re in an Online Echo Chamber Published 11 July 2022 Online echo chambers are virtual spaces that gather like-minded individuals. Research has shown that people are more likely to believe and share information they encounter in these spaces, because it confirms their existing beliefs. Somesocial media users