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Threat assessmentDomestic Violent Extremists’ Threat Has Increased Since 2015: Intelligence Chiefs Published 21 April 2021 Last week, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines released to Congress an unclassified annual report – the IC’s 2021 Annual Threat Assessment. DNI Avril Haines, CIA director Bill Burns, and FBI director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate and House

Nuclear threatsU.S. Should Make Monitoring and Detecting Nuclear Threats a Higher National Priority Published 21 April 2021 To address current and evolving nuclear threats, the U.S. needs a higher prioritized and more integrated program for monitoring, detecting, and verifying nuclear test explosions, nuclear weapon stockpiles, and the production of fissile material, says a new report

Deepfake geographyA Growing Problem of “Deepfake Geography”: How AI Falsifies Satellite Images Published 21 April 2021 There is a growing problem with “location spoofing” – the manipulation of satellite images so that fake images look like genuine images of real places. With the more sophisticated AI technologies available today, researchers warn that such “deepfake geography”