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Public healthWastewater Requires Additional Treatment to Reduce Spread of Coronavirus Published 19 October 2020 Wastewater must be further treated to minimize the risk of dissemination and infection of SARS-CoV-2, according to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers, who found coronavirus RNA in samples from Israeli water treatment plants. Wastewater must be further treated to minimize

MisinformationPopularity of COVID-19 Conspiracies Linked to Vaccine Hesitancy Published 15 October 2020 A new study of beliefs and attitudes toward COVID-19 in five different countries – UK, US, Ireland, Mexico and Spain – has identified how much traction some prominent conspiracy theories have within these populations. Moreover, the study finds that people who rate coronavirus

MisinformationTrust in COVID Info Sources Varies by Demographics, Beliefs By Mary Van Beusekom Published 15 October 2020 People seek COVID-19 information from different sources based on sex, age, education level, political bent, and beliefs about the pandemic, according to a study published last week in JMIR Public Health and Surveillance. Led by researchers at New

Truth decayThe State of the Science of Combating Misinformation Published 15 October 2020 With the current flood of misinformation and “fake news” undermining democracies around the world, a consensus document that summarizes the science of debunking has been published by a team of 22 prominent researchers of misinformation and its debunking. Well-informed political deliberation cannot occur

Internet freedomGlobal Internet Freedom Declines in Shadow of Pandemic Published 15 October 2020 Governments around the world have used the COVID-19 pandemic as cover to expand online surveillance and data collection, censor critical speech, and build new technological systems of social control, according to an annual assessment of internet freedom, released Wednesday by Freedom House. Governments