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Coastal challengesMapping How Sea-Level Rise Adaptation Strategies Impact Economies, Floodwaters Published 15 July 2021 Sea levels are expected to rise by almost seven feet in the Bay Area by 2100. New research shows how traditional approaches to combating sea-level rise can create a domino effect of environmental and economic impacts for nearby communities. Communities trying to

BiometricsEvaluating Face Recognition Software’s Accuracy for Flight Boarding Published 14 July 2021 Recent tests show that the most accurate face recognition algorithms have demonstrated the capability to confirm airline passenger identities while making very few errors. Facial recognition is currently part of the onboarding process for international flights, both to confirm a passenger’s identity for

Earthquakes early warningSmartphone Network Offers Inexpensive Earthquake Early Warning Published 14 July 2021 A new study demonstrates how Earthquake Early Warning using smartphone technology can be both inexpensive and effective for millions of people.  In late 2019, a research team assembled 82 smartphones, strapped them to walls and floors in buildings across Costa Rica and waited

InfrastructureMaking Infrastructure Pay Off By Peter Dizikes Published 14 July 2021 James M. Poterba, an MIT economist, advocates for cost-benefit analyses of projects, finds that repairing infrastructure often pays off more than new projects, and suggests that infrastructure user fees be considered as a source of financing for projects. He argues that the value in

China watchEU Agrees on Global Infrastructure Plan to Rival China’s Belt and Road Initiative By Jamie Dettmer Published 13 July 2021 On Monday the EU announced an ambitious global infrastructure plan which aims to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Western governments fear that China’s project encourages countries to take on large Chinese loans which