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Climate challengesWestern North American Extreme Heat Virtually Impossible without Human-Caused Climate Change Published 8 July 2021 During the last days of June 2021, Pacific northwest areas of the U.S. and Canada experienced temperatures never previously observed, with records broken in many places by several degrees Celsius. Using published peer-reviewed methods, an international team of scientists

Our picksCan a Kansas Lab Stop the Next Epidemic? | 2020 DHS Memo on Pandemic & Violence | The Search for Covid-19 “Patient Zero” Published 8 July 2021 ·  When the Next Animal Plague Hits, Can This Lab Stop It? ·  Justice IG: Badly Depleted U.S. Prison Chaplain Corps ‘Impairs’ Safety; Terror Inmates Leading Religious Services  · 

China watchU.S. Concerned About Report China is Expanding Missile Silos By Lin Yang Published 7 July 2021 Using images provided by the satellite imaging company Planet, researchers found that China is building 119 silos in the desert of the northwestern province of Gansu.The expansion of the number of launch silos for China’s arsenal of intercontinental

Energy securityWhy “Nuclear Batteries” Offer a New Approach to Carbon-Free Energy By David L. Chandler Published 3 July 2021 Much as large, expensive, and centralized computers gave way to the widely distributed PCs of today, a new generation of relatively tiny and inexpensive factory-built reactors, designed for autonomous plug-and-play operation similar to plugging in an