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Pandemic responseExpert Panel: Current Global Alert System “Clearly Unfit” to Prevent Another Pandemic Published 12 May 2021 An independent report by experts offers a scathing assessment of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “The current system—at both national and international levels— was not adequate to protect people from COVID-19,” the report says. The current

Coastal challengesSeeking Inclusive Strategies to Help Coastal Communities Adjust, Plan for Sea-Level Rise Published 11 May 2021 Recurring flood damage to homes and powerful storms that threaten infrastructure are realities facing many coastal North Carolina communities. However, for three predominately African-American, rural communities near the coast, NC State researchers documented additional injustices that threaten the

ARGUMENT: Microwave weaponsClaims of Microwave Attacks Are Scientifically Implausible Published 11 May 2021 Allegations about microwave attacks on U.S. personnel have been reported regularly, some going back decades. The recent wave of reports started in 2016, with reports from the American and Canadian diplomatic missions in Havana, hence the name “Havana syndrome.” “Here’s the problem,”

Coastal challengesAntarctica Remains the Wild Card for Sea-Level Rise Estimates Published 11 May 2021 Estimates show that limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial temperatures would cut projected 21st century sea-level rise from land ice in half, relative to currently pledged emissions reductions. A massive collaborative research project covered in the journal Nature this week offers

Published 11 May 2021 ·  DHS Launches Warning System to Find Domestic Terrorism Threats on Public Social Media ·  Ransomware Attacks Like the One that Hit Colonial Pipeline Are Increasingly Common ·  US, UK Agencies Warn Russian Hackers Are Adapting Based on Government Advisories ·  Your Old Mobile Phone Number Could Compromise Your Cybersecurity ·  Israel’s Version of Moving