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ExtremismBlack Nationalist Arrested Following Shooting of Florida Officer Published 29 June 2021 On 26 June, following a 56-hour manhunt, multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the arrest of Othal Toreyanne Resheen Wallace just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Wallace has been affiliated with the Not F*cking Around Coalition (NFAC), a paramilitary group that advocates for

ExtremismWho is Germany’s ‘New Right’? By Ben Knight Published 28 June 2021 For the first time ever, the Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV), Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, included a section on the “New Right” in its annual catalog of political extremists in Germany. The BfV said that the tag refers to an “informal network” of individuals and organizations

Disaster responseDisaster Response and Mitigation in an AI World Published 28 June 2021 Accurately forecasting the movement of natural disasters—wildfires, floods, hurricanes, windstorms, tornados, and earthquakes—gives first responders a jump, allowing them to take measures to reduce damage, conduct advanced resource planning, and increase infrastructure restoration time. After the destructive California wildfires of 2019, the U.S.