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MASS SHOOTINGAnother Mass Shooting Leaves U.S. Bracing for More By Jeff Seldin Published 7 July 2022 This week’s Independence Day massacre in a Chicago suburb is highlighting the challenge now facing U.S. law enforcement and homeland security officials — an environment in which almost any public event could come under attack with few, if any,

PANDEMICSWhat Makes a Pandemic Take Off? Published 7 July 2022 Looking for potential “black swan” outbreaks can help us prepare for the future. In December of 2021, biomedical scientist Alina Deshpande had the idea of searching in historical disease records for potential “black swan” anomalous disease outbreaks. Pulling our research team at Los Alamos National Laboratory together,

DISINFORMATIONRussian Disinformation Campaign Aims to Divide, Weaken Western Coalition Published 7 July 2022 A new report reviews ongoing Russian influence efforts aimed at undermining and dividing the Western defensive coalition supporting Ukraine, as well as influencing public opinion of Russia’s war against Ukraine favorably toward Russia. A new report from Insikt Group’s Recorded Future reviews ongoing

FLOOD-RESISTANT DESIGNSCollapsed Bridge Helps Inform Future Flood-Resistant Designs Published 7 July 2022 In 201, an unprecedented flooding collapsed the Misasa Railroad Bridge, some nine miles inland from Japan’s western coast. Such infrastructure failures will continue to increase as weather events become more extreme. But we can learn optimal design needs from the catastrophic problem of

ARGUMENT: COUNTERING DOMESTIC TERRORISMOne Year On: Marking Progress on Biden’s Counter-Domestic Terrorism Strategy Published 6 July 2022 Early in the Biden administration, the president instructed the intelligence community to evaluate the domestic terrorist threat – and intelligence officials concluded that it’s severe. On 15 June 2021, the Biden administration released the National Strategy to Counter