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TsunamisPreviously Unrecognized Tsunami Hazard to Coastal Cities Identified Published 24 May 2021 A new study found overlooked tsunami hazards related to undersea, near-shore strike-slip faults, especially for coastal cities adjacent to faults that traverse inland bays. Several areas around the world may fall into this category, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Izmit Bay in

Our picksTracking of Domestic Extremism | Boko Haram Leader Killed | Advancing Facial Recognition Tech, and more Published 21 May 2021 ·  U.S. to Ramp up Tracking of Domestic Extremism on Social Media ·  German Officer Goes on Trial, Accused of Plotting Far-Right Terrorism ·  The Link Between Extremism and Military Functioning ·  DHS Plans Next Rally to

ARGUMENT: Cybersecurity as counterterrorismCybersecurity as Counterterrorism: Seeking a Better Debate Published 20 May 2021 Earlier this month, a senior Justice Department official referred to ransomware as a potential “cyber weapon of mass destruction.” When hackers subsequently disabled the Colonial Pipeline, causing fuel shortages and disruptions along the East Coast, it seemed to validate this warning.