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Coastal challengesSea-Level Rise up to Four Times Global Average for Coastal Communities Published 11 March 2021 Coastal populations are experiencing relative sea-level rise up to four times faster than the global average – according to new research. is the first to analyze global sea-level rise combined with measurements of sinking land. Coastal populations are experiencing relative

Doomsday insuranceSolar-Powered Lunar Ark as “Modern Global Insurance Policy” Published 11 March 2021 Researchers are taking scientific inspiration from an unlikely source: the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark. Rather than two of every animal, however, their solar-powered ark on the moon would store cryogenically frozen seed, spore, sperm and egg samples from 6.7 million Earth

FloodsMajor Floods Increased in Temperate Climates but Decreased Elsewhere Published 10 March 2021 Severe river floods are escalating in temperate climates and putting at risk populations, livelihoods and property, according to new research. The research shows that dangers of extreme river flooding demand close monitoring of rivers for decades to come, to understand and account

Food securityAdaptation, Not Irrigation Recommended for Midwest Corn Farmers Published 10 March 2021 A warming climate may not increase water demand for Midwest crops that may instead be adapted through soil management to changing air temperatures and moisture, say researchers helping farmers manage the challenge. A warming climate may not increase water demand for Midwest crops