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Iran’s nukesNatanz Attack Sets Back Iran’s Nuclear Operations Published 14 April 2021 The Israeli Sunday sabotage operation against Iran’s nuclear facility at Natanz destroyed a well-protected electrical substation housed 40 to 50 meters underground.Iranian officials said that thedestruction of the power supply led to the damage or destruction of “thousands of centrifuges” by causing them

Public healthWeather Forecasts Predict Meningitis Outbreaks Published 12 April 2021 Scientists are using weather forecasts to predict the location and scale of impending meningitis outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa. It is part of an early-warning system being piloted with the aim of giving health agencies more time to activate emergency response plans. Scientists are using weather forecasts

VirusesNew Tool Assesses Risk of Wild-Life Origin Viruses Published 12 April 2021 Researchers have a developed a new framework and interactive web tool, SpillOver, which “estimates a risk score for wildlife-origin viruses, creating a comparative risk assessment of viruses with uncharacterized zoonotic spillover potential alongside those already known to be zoonotic.” A recent article in the Proceedings of the