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ImmigrationU.S. Immigration Courts Brace for Flood of Asylum Claims By Aline Barros Published 7 April 2021 U.S. immigration courts, already swamped with a backlog of 1.3 million cases, are ill-prepared to handle a crush of new asylum claims filed by a rising number of people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, especially children traveling alone, current and

First respondersThe Future of Lifesaving Firefighting Technology Published 7 April 2021 A groundbreaking tracking and location technology will soon allow agencies to pinpoint their firefighters to within centimeters, helping to navigate them quickly and safely out of potentially disorienting emergency scenarios. Six firefighters lost their lives responding to a fire in a century-old, abandoned warehouse in

Nuclear wasteRetaining Knowledge of Nuclear Waste Management Published 7 April 2021 Sandia National Laboratories have begun their second year of a project to capture important, hard-to-explain nuclear waste management knowledge from retirement-age employees to help new employees get up to speed faster. The project has experts share their experience with and knowledge of storage, transportation,