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ImmigrationWhy Central American Migrants Are Arriving at the U.S. Border By Paul J. Angelo Published 23 March 2021 Thousands of people are arriving at the U.S. southern border after fleeing the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. President Biden is reviving efforts to tackle the problems that are prompting them to migrate. Thousands

ExtremismThink Global, Act Local: Reconfiguring Siege Culture Published 23 March 2021 It is not an easy time to be in a branded neo-Nazi group. Some groups have dissolved themselves, other groups have been proscribed by different governments, while group members of some groups have been arrested for a variety of offenses across the U.S., U.K.,

ExtremismAustralia Bans Far-Right Extremist Sonnenkrieg Division Published 23 March 2021 Australia has designated the right-wing extremist group Sonnenkrieg Division as a terrorist organization. The ruling allows authorities to imprison members of the U.K.-based neo-Nazi group. The Sonnenkrieg Division (SKD) became the first far-right organization to be listed as a terror group in Australia on Monday. The