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ARGUMENT: Domestic extremsim Fighting Domestic Extremism: Lessons from Germany Published 15 March 2021 As the U.S. Capitol insurrection, the prevalence of the QAnon conspiracy, and widely believed claims of election fraud indicate, potentially tens of millions of Americans are outside the consensus on the most fundamental U.S. democratic values: faith in official election results and

DeepfakesSpotting Deepfakes by Looking at Light Reflection in the Eyes Published 15 March 2021 Computer scientists have developed a tool that automatically identifies deepfake photos by analyzing light reflections in the eyes. The tool proved 94 percent effective with portrait-like photos in experiments. University at Buffalo computer scientists have developed a tool that automatically identifies deepfake photos

China watchChina Prepares New Era of ‘Belt and Road’ amid Pandemic Pressures By Reid Standish Published 15 March 2021 After declaring victories over extreme poverty and the coronavirus, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, in a meeting of the National People’s Congress, has laid out a new path for China’s economic rise at home and abroad that

The extremist mindPsychological “Signature” for the Extremist Mind Uncovered Published 15 March 2021 Researchers have mapped an underlying “psychological signature” for people who are predisposed to holding extreme social, political, and religious attitudes and supporting violence in the name of ideology.A new study suggests that a particular mix of personality traits and types of unconscious

Middle EastReimagining U.S. Strategy in the Middle East Published 12 March 2021 U.S. policy toward the Middle East has relied heavily on military instruments of power and has focused on regional threats—particularly the Iranian threat—with the goal of keeping partners on “our side.” These long-standing policies have largely fallen short of meeting core U.S. interests,

Science of securityEmploying Science to Secure the Homeland Published 12 March 2021 The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) recently outlined the various scientific initiatives and project it has been engaged in to improve homeland security and bolster national security. The brief makes for an interesting reading. The Department of Homeland Security