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WAR IN UKRAINEUkraine’s Homegrown Response to “Deadly” Chinese Drone Detection Tech Published 15 July 2022 Ukrainian forces have been using drones for tracking the movement of Russian forces, and armed drones to attack Russian tanks, trucks, and artillery batteries. But the effectiveness of the drones has been limited by a Chinese drone-tracking technology called AeroScope.

CYBERSECURITYNew Computing Security Architecture Protects Sensitive Private Data Published 15 July 2022 Protecting sensitive information on the internet has become an essential feature for computing architectures. Applications that process such data must trust the system software they rely on, such as operating systems and hypervisors, but such system software is complex and often has vulnerabilities

GUNSRise in Firearm Homicides Mostly Hit South-Central and Midwest States Published 15 July 2022 A rise in U.S. firearm homicides in recent years has primarily affected states in the South-Central and Midwest portion of the nation, as well as disproportionately affecting people who are American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Black. While overall rates of racial

UNCONVENTIONAL WEAPONSOrigins of Unconventional War By Adrienne Mayor Published 5 August 2022 Flamethrowers, poison gases, incendiary bombs, the large-scale spreading of disease: are these terrifying agents of warfare modern inventions? Not by a long shot. Societies around the world have used biological and chemical weapons for thousands of years. “One sobering result of writing this