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ARGUMENT: Impeachment & mad kingsNecessary and Insufficient: The Problems Impeachment Does Not Solve Published 14 January 2021 Congress could not ignore President Donald Trump’s relentless, persistent campaign of Big Lies about the 3 November election—a pattern of behavior that culminated in the president’s move last week to assemble a mob in Washington and loose it

Our picksNext Animal-to-Human Pandemic | Telegram Purges Extremist Content | Tackle Domestic Disinformation, and more Published 14 January 2021 ·  F.B.I. Urges Police Chiefs Across U.S. to Be on High Alert for Threats ·  Fueled by the U.S. Capitol Siege, Violent Extremists with ‘Political Grievances’ Will Likely Pose the ‘Greatest Domestic Terrorism Threats in 2021,’ Intelligence