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2/18/21 Texas power outages Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments Millions of Texans have gone days without power or heat in subfreezing temperatures brought on by snow and ice storms. Limited regulations on companies that generate power and a history of isolating Texas from federal oversight help explain the crisis, energy and policy experts told The Texas Tribune.

Texas power outagesGov. Greg Abbott Blamed Green Energy for Texas’ Power Woes. But the State Runs on Fossil Fuels. By Bryan Mena Published 18 February 2021 Green energy has been a political punching bag for Texas Republicans like Gov. Greg Abbott throughout the winter storm, but experts and officials agreed that a disruption in energy

2/17/21 Texas power outages Enable IntenseDebate Comments:  Enable IntenseDebate Comments A grandmother slept in her car. Parents who ran out of firewood burned belongings to keep their children warm. A Richardson resident watched the battery level of her partner’s oxygen machine drain away and desperately sought help to have it recharged. As Texas utility operators and

Texas power outagesUPDATES: More People Could Lose Electricity, Heat as Crisis Persists By Erin Douglas, Ross Ramsey Published 17 February 2021 Energy experts, local leaders and residents said energy and state officials failed to properly prepare people for the mass outages coinciding with dangerous weather that’s already led to at least 10 deaths. Texas largely

Extremism46,218 News Transcripts Show Ideologically Extreme Politicians Get More Airtime By Joshua P. Darr, Jeremy Padgett, and Johanna Dunaway Published 16 February 2021 We research how changes in the media have shifted the incentives of elected officials and the considerations of voters, and what that means for American democracy. In recent work, we showed that

The Russia connectionFrench Companies Targeted by Russian Cyberattack between 2017 and 2020 Published 16 February 2021 A broad Russian cyberattacks in France was carried out via French software Centreon, which serves large companies and government agencies. The cyberattack resembles Russia’s exploitation of vulnerabilities in SolarWinds to attacks American companies and government agencies. The scope of

CybersecurityPreventing Cybersecurity Disruptions by Training Workforce Published 16 February 2021 Two cybersecurity researchers have published a new book to help train employees at public utilities to recognize cybersecurity vulnerabilities and develop measures to defend their networks from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Two cybersecurity researchers at Idaho National Laboratoryhave published a new book to help train employees at