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CybersecurityPreventing Cybersecurity Disruptions by Training Workforce Published 16 February 2021 Two cybersecurity researchers have published a new book to help train employees at public utilities to recognize cybersecurity vulnerabilities and develop measures to defend their networks from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Two cybersecurity researchers at Idaho National Laboratoryhave published a new book to help train employees at

Extremism46,218 News Transcripts Show Ideologically Extreme Politicians Get More Airtime By Joshua P. Darr, Jeremy Padgett, and Johanna Dunaway Published 16 February 2021 We research how changes in the media have shifted the incentives of elected officials and the considerations of voters, and what that means for American democracy. In recent work, we showed that

Disease eliminationIntegrated Approaches to Disease Elimination By Simon Bland Published 15 February 2021 The novel coronavirus pandemic has demanded an unprecedented, coordinated global response, which has culminated in increased global funding, and more importantly, increased attention to healthcare. But whilst efforts to produce and rollout effective diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines in record time are being

CybersecurityMachine Learning Algorithm May Be Key to Timely, Inexpensive Cyberdefense Published 11 February 2021 Zero-day attacks can overwhelm traditional defenses, costing organizations money and resources. A machine learning algorithm may give organizations a powerful and cost-effective tool for defending against attacks on vulnerable computer networks and cyber-infrastructure, often called zero-day attacks, according to researchers. Attacks on