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EarthquakesMachine Learning Improves Earthquake Detection Capabilities Published 12 November 2021 Researchers are applying machine learning algorithms to help interpret massive amounts of ground deformation data collected with Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) satellites; the new algorithms will improve earthquake detection. The new methodology enables the detection of ground deformation automatically at a global scale. Researchers at

CybersecurityCyberForce Competition: Collegiate Students Try to Outwit Cyberattackers Published 12 November 2021 The cybersecurity field faces a shortfall of qualified professionals to fill nearly half a million open jobs. The CyberForce Competition, to be held on 13 November at the Argonne National Laboratory, will see college and university students from across the United States attempt

GeoengineeringExperts Call for More Comprehensive Research into Solar Geoengineering Published 12 November 2021 Two articles published in Science magazine this week argue for more and better social science research into the potential use of solar geoengineering to offset some of the global warming from greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Two articles published in Science magazine’s influential Policy Forum this week

VaccinesNation of Islam Pushes Anti-COVID-19 Vaccine Message, Conspiracy Theories Published 10 November 2021 Months before the first COVID-19 vaccine began to be distributed in the United States, the Nation of Islam (NOI) had already widely disseminated its directive that Black people refuse the vaccine. Through all of this, the NOI has exploited legitimate concerns and

ARGUMENT: Defeating Foreign FightersCounterterrorism Successes Against Foreign Fighters Published 10 November 2021 The fear of foreign fighters — jihadists who travel abroad to fight and train – has been rekindled with the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover there. “Such concerns, however, neglect the tremendous progress the United States and its