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Our picksOnly Immigrants Can Save Entitlements | U.K.-China: Academic Decoupling | No Need Another Patriot Act, and more Published 8 February 2021 ·  Only Immigrants Can Save Entitlements ·  The Ghost in the (Voting) Machine ·  Liz Cheney: Trump’s Pence Tweet During Riot Could Be ‘Premeditated Effort to Provoke Violence’ ·  In the Battle for the Capitol, Veterans

ExtremismExtremist-Related Shootouts with Police Soar in 2020 Published 5 February 2021 During the 6 January 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol, violent Trump supporters—reinforced by a broad coalition of right-wing extremists—attacked police, who appeared to be caught unprepared for a violent encounter with a crowd which has been loudly and consistently supportive of law enforcement.

ARGUMENT: The Russia connectionPiling Up Incriminating Information about Trump’s Russian Connections Published 5 February 2021 Not all counterintelligence investigations lead to arrests, but many such investigations reveal weaknesses and vulnerabilities which may have escaped notice. John Sipher writes that a new book by Craig Unger, American Kompromat, serves that purpose. “By compiling decades of Trump’s

PandemicConspiracies, Contagion, and Convergence: Troubling Trends and COVID-19 By Stevie Kiesel Published 5 February 2021 For hundreds (if not thousands) of years, disease outbreaks have been accompanied by exaggerated or downright false claims of origin, spread, and treatment. Some of these claims are misinformation—incorrect information spread without an intent to mislead. On the other hand,